The reaction of people to you on the street?
The first kind of people are such shy kids, they usually pretend don't notice me, but indeed they glance at you as they go by, and if I see it I'm sure that their cheeks start to turn red. The second kind of people is just idlers, they can stop, they will stand and looking at me, opening their mouths. Honestly, it's a little annoying, I do my work seriously, but some people start behaving as if they came to the circus. I like the calm and adequate reaction of people. I like to see people smile passing by, it's nice when they showing thumbs up as people in Spain. I also like kind of mens who goes with their women, and these mens want to look at me so strong, but womans pulls them back with a displeased faces and whispers something in their ears, it amuses me.
Your favorite books and films?
Such a rather boring question for my followers, only few of them are really interested to know this kind preferences. Ok, so in the literature I prefer the genre of non-fiction, self-development and basic psychology, from the latest books I've red it was "How to Achieve People's Success" by Den Waldschmidt, "Wishcraft" by Barbara Sher and "PSYCH101" by Paul Kleinman. As for movies, I liked "La migliore offerta", "1+1", "Big Eyes", "Get Out","Temple Grandin", "Stranger than Fiction", "The Dressmaker", "The Prestige". From Russian cinema I liked only one movie named "The geographer drank his globe away"("Geograf globus propil" in russian). My list of films is constantly changes. Firstly, the film can very much please me, but after a week I will forget it, and two years later I will remember it and call it my favourite. In all one's born days I've watched to the end only three serials. It was "Breaking Bad" ... I don't know why I did it. "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" - there was an episode featuring latex, so stunned serial by the way. Another one is "Black mirror". I've watched all the seasons except the 4th. This serial is something absolutely incredible for me to be honest. Not all episodes of course, but in every season there are several breathtaking episodes.
What is the maximum duration you were in latex?
How long do you usually wear latex on the average? For today the maximum duration is 4 hours. On average, I wear latex for two hours, it's enough for me.
Do you have any hobbies?
I have been always interested in creativity, so I can't single out one of the most lovely thing, but I'll try to remember everything I do. I draw sketches with watercolor, I write oil paintings, I sew dresses myself, I sewed toys also, I colorize small sea pebbles, I painted graffiti in the summer, I was engaged in modeling jewelry made of polymer clay. Now I'm interested in make-up, I will go soon to ceramics baking courses. And one of the freshest of my hobbies is gluing latex, so far I have glued two dresses, one apron, one body and a lot of underwear.
Do you sweat in latex?
In fact, this is not such a simple question and I can't simply answer to it like "yes" or "no", because sweating depends on external factors often. Let's look at this in more detail. You can get rid of sweating while you wearing latex in the following ways: Air-conditioned This method is checked by me personally. Just if there is an air-conditioned, then adjust it to your comfortable temperature, but it's better when temperature a little cooler. Wear latex constantly The body will get used to it and will "rearrange" a little if it can be called that, but personally I did not check it on myself, but one of my followers told me this way. I don't use a polish Yes! Imagine that! And this reduces the allocation of sweat a lot, in addition this is just comfortable for me when latex is super densely adheres to the body, but that's another story.
Which latex catsuit I should to buy, with a zip fastener or without?
It's an acquired taste. If you are a beginner, then why do you even ask yourself about buying such a serious thing as catsuit? Start with shorts, tops, dresses, socks, gloves etc. If you are no longer a beginner, and so let's call it the average level for example, and you already have latex and want more, then you should buy it with a zip-fastener. Learn latex, its features and density. Gain an experience in putting on the catsuit and then you can take it without a zip-fastener, after you reach the "pro" level. First of all, comfort in putting on is more important for me, and I like clothes with a zip-fastener. I think zip-fastener doesn't spoil the look of the clothes, but sometimes even decorates it and adds some playfulness, because you can play with it. In my opinion a zip doesn't interfere at all, only in some moments when you lie on your back during sex for example. Catsuit without a zip is certainly convenient, but it's not very convenient to put it on (long and painfully process), but if you are not in a hurry and you are full of energy, go ahead!
Do you have sex in latex?
Probably this question should be the first. The answer is simple. Yes, I do. And I can use masks and other stuff.
When did you first get to know latex?
Latex came into my life in the winter of 2013, I remember it all started with home photo session, I decided to pamper my husband with selfies in latex catsuit, which our friend left us for overexposure. Then there was another photo session against the background of a sheet, I was in latex male size catsuit, but the size didn't bother me at all, I just enjoyed it. I didn't want to become a model, I just did what I like, listened to my heart.
Tell me about your favorite latex designers?
The largest brand in Russia called Rubear.Moscow, they have a very large assortment. is also a Moscow brand, things made by are famous for their accuracy. They make clothes only to order on individual sizes. Also I have clothes from and I am delighted with their sense of style and taste. Brands about whose things I dream and whose design ideas I like insanely is,,,,
Do you have a preference?
From fetish stuff, I like gags, straps, high heels, military caps, but only latex military caps, rubber masks, red lips, pencil skirt and I really love transparent latex.
Funniest experience modeling?
I always tell everyone about the funniest and extreme photo shoot that took place in the center of Moscow near Starbucks in one of the harsh winter days in Russia. It was a New Year's photo shooting near a beautiful Christmas tree, and I had to run every 10 minutes to Starbucks to keep warm. I was in a black catsuit, with a plush red mini dress and a red Santa Claus hat on my head. A lot of people crowded and looked at what was happening with an uncomprehending look. After that we went to Starbucks and started to take pictures there, the waiters allowed us to move the furniture as convenient for us, and at the end of the photo session all the waiters wanted to take a group photo with me. It was very funny and very cold.